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Did you know these were invented/discovered by Indians?

1. Extracting diamonds by mining!

Yes, that’s right! Ladies can show them off all they want and gents can purchase them at astronomical prices in order to woo the opposite sex, just remember it was India that started diamond mining! Until Brazil’s mines were discovered in the 18th century, India was home to diamond mining since 5,000 years!

2. Snakes and Ladders!

Your favorite board game of all time. So now every time you tumble down a ladder from a snake bite or climb upwards to reach the finishing spot, just remember the game was invented in India as a game of ethics! It was eventually introduced by game pioneer Milton Bradley in 1943.

3. Flush toilets!

Flush toilets were firstly used in the Indus Civilization, which had a sophisticated sewerage system. This was discovered by archaeologists who discovered the complex sewerage system.

4. Plastic surgery

Yup, that too way back in 2000 BC! Indians were healing skin problems since time immemorial!

5.  Cotton clothing and cultivation

It were Indians who changed the trend from wearing animals skins to cotton clothing. The cultivation of cotton lead to many Indians discovering its use and ultimately it spread like wildfire to all parts of the world.

6. Shampoo

So now, we have the Indians to thank for even as far as shampoo is concerned. These were evolved from oils which were used to nurture the hair of Nawabs of Bengal, sometime around the 1760’s.

7. Chatrunga; not chess!

Chatrunga was the popular strategy game and not chess which was developed in the Gupta empire sometime around 6 AD. So Indians were outsmarting each other way since the other civilizations got a whiff of chess!

8. Ruler

Another invention goes to the credit of the Indus Civilization! Since as early as 1500 BC, Indians were measuring stuff made from ivory rulers!

9. Buttons

The ancient, much revered and wonderous civilization of Mohenjo Daro was famous for using buttons, but not quite exactly for what we use them for nowadays. The Indians used it as jewelry items, as shining ornaments proudly shown off. Imagine that, a necklace made of buttons!

10. Martial Arts

That’s right; India invented Martial Arts and not the Chinese! Buddhist missionaries practiced and taught the skilled art before passing it onto China and rest of the world. Yes, Bruce Lee was just a humble student!



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