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Mistakes in ‘Raees’ not everyone has noticed!

The trailer of Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Raees was well-received by the fans and moments after release it became a top worldwide trend on Twitter, but a group of movie buffs have spotted rather ‘awful mistakes’ in the trailer and they are now in the movie too!

And the errors pointed out by critics are ones not easily noticeable at first.

Error # 1



At one point in the movie, it shows Indian brand of liquor at the 15th second named ‘Royal Stag’, the critics identify that the brand was launched in 1995 and the movie is based on a story dated back to 1980 & is set in Gujarat.



Raees director Rahul Dholakia also shared the aforementioned plot in one his recent interviews with Indian papers.

The movie revolves around bootlegger Raees Alam, who is challenged and thwarted by ACP Majumdar.

So, wasn’t it illogical to use this brand in a story which is set in 1980s?


Independent searches also showed that this Indian brand of liquor was actually launched in 1995.

The flaw totally is apparently a result of improper research on part of the directors and the associated staff.

Error # 2

Another embarrassing error pointed out by the buffs that at one spot there’s a ‘Nitex undergarment   ad in the background.


Nitex Company was actually established in the year 1995 while ‘Raees’ happens to be a story set in 1980s Gujarat. The same research lacking, again.



Setting aside the rare research flaws, the trailer is a worth watch.

Beyond doubts, the film revolves around King Khan portraying as a gangster busy throughout the trailer in a tit-for-tat tussle with Nawazuddin Siddiqui being the dutiful cop, apparently.


Later, the screen sizzles when Mahira Khan shares her scenes with SRK and wow, she looks absolutely amazing as always.

Making everyone back home hugely proud, Mahira Khan’s character in the film surely looks promising and difficult to be overlooked, even if the critics want to.

The popularity of the trailer can be gauged from the fact that it came out on December 7 and in just 20 hours it crossed 10.5 million record breaking views on Youtube. Thus this SRK film’s trailer has become the fastest to do so, ever in the history of Indian cinema, reports the Indian Express.


The gripping trailer has successfully topped the list by surpassing the trailer of Sultan which had raked in 100K likes in 42 hours, Dangal in 8 hours 48 minutes, Shivaay in 23 hours and MS Dhoni: The Untold Story in 12 hours.




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