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Differences aside, Siraj wants to move on with PTI

Addressing the media men after a one-on-one meeting with Imran Khan, Sirajul Haq cleared that it was not the matter between him and the PTI chief, rather it was about the two coalition parties. He said that media misquoted some statements citing him and his party officials, yet it could not affect ties between JI and PTI.

He said that both the political parties are independent in their policies, yet there are many similarities as both seek end of status quo, exploitation-based system and to transform the country into a true Islamic welfare state.

The JI emir admitted that the results of the last general elections stunned everyone and almost all the political parties expressed reservations in this regard. He stressed on the need of bringing reforms in the electoral process, through a consensus of all the parties, so that nobody could violate the sanctity of vote.

Siraj admitted that the elections were rigged and maintained that the ones involved in looting the mandate of the people should be punished.

He also appreciated sit-in staged by PTI and claimed to have suggested the government to negotiate on the issue, for it could resolve the crisis and it was also the duty of the government to take the nation out of the dilemma.

The JI chief restated his stance that the government and PTI should hold talks to resolve the issue. He said that JI and PTI both have long-cited terms, trust in each other as well as mutual goals.

Siraj added that efforts will be continued to improve the current working relationship with PTI.

Speaking about capital punishments to JI Bangladesh leaders, he lamented that none of the political parties including the ruling PMLN condemned it, nor voiced any concerns on diplomatic level against the state terrorism of Sheikh Haseena’s government.

Sirajul Haq said that the JI Bangladesh leaders are being punished there for having loyalties with Pakistan, but the Government of Pakistan is paying no heed to their sufferings.



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