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Digital Day exhibition tells how to yield benefits from digital media

It has simply revotunalised our lives. Our daily activities are getting more and more digitalised under the influence of technologies. Everything is just on your fingertips. Now you may do a business online without stepping out of your house or promote your companies/ brands without installing big and troublesome billboards.

With all these advancements in technology, we cannot also rule out the fact that still a large number of people in Pakistan are unacquainted about new innovations. To get people familiar with technologies GroupM, a largest media investment management group in Pakistan, held an exhibition, Digital Day, at a local hotel in cooperation with ARY News.


Digital Media Head of GroupM Amina Khatib said one of the major objectives of the exhibition was to get familiar clients with technologies.

“Digital media is really picking up a pace in Pakistan with international publishers getting interested in coming to Pakistan to start their setup. Consumers are already on digital media, but now advertisers have to come on digital media,” she said.

Amina Khatib said we had culturally adopted digital technology, now companies need to come on digital media for advertising. Companies should go to where consumers were and consumers were present on all the digital mediums like Facebook, Twitter, mobile applications and online websites because audience is not just watching TV.


“I see amazingly bright future of digital advertising across the country,” she said.

Different companies had set their stalls in the exhibition out of which ARY Network’s stall was prominent and worked as magnet for the visitors.

ARY Network has launched different applications on mobile like ARY News and ARY Digital Jeeto Pakistan. ARY Network also offers companies to do live programs for promotion through digital media specially Facebook Live feature.

While, the ARY NEWS application gives you complete and up-to-date coverage of everything that is relevant and interesting – anytime, anywhere. This app, designed and developed for Android smartphones, brings you breaking news and unrivalled coverage of national, international, city, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, business, health, science and technology topics from Pakistan’s Most viewed News Channel.

A university student, Maham Sheikh, said digital market was something where you could buy and sell products online. She said she wanted to explore the exhibition as a consumer and entrepreneur as well.

The stalls in the exhibition were set up by different companies offering different facilities.


One of them was Careem, a car booking application for smart phones. The other one was offering you hassle-free hotel booking of any kind. Another one was introducing you with online vehicles buying.



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