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Discovery for more gas reservoirs in Balochistan

Quetta: Minister of State for Petroleum, Gas and Natural resources Jam Kamal has said that drilling companies were working on a project to discover more gas reservoirs here in Balochistan. In line with the 18th constitutional amendment, a committee was being formed to review issues regarding the representation of Balochistan in gas companies and Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL).            

Flanked by Chief Minister Balochistan, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, Kamal said that the federal government was cognisant of the gas shortage in the country leading to gas load-shedding and other issues faced by the people of Balochistan.

“The chief minister of Balochistan contacted the federal government over the shortage of gas, which the government was to review and take remedial steps for,” he stressed. Jam said that the entire country was facing gas shortages in winter and the government was striving hard to overcome the shortfall. Besides digging new wells, efforts were afoot to rebuild the old ones, he added.

He noted that substitute natural gas (SNG) plants were being installed to settle the issue of gas shortage on a permanent basis.

“A survey regarding the installation of SNG plants has been completed in 10 districts of Balochistan,” he said adding that although it is a costly project, the government is committed to providing relief to the people.

Noting the fact that the current gas capacity of pipelines in Quetta was insufficient, the government increased gas pressure in the pipelines to 180 milltion cubic feet (mmcf), he added. Jam said that Quetta will start receiving 25 mmcf of gas from the Zharghoon Gas Field from March.

In line with the 18th amendment in the constitution of the country, a committee is being formed to settle matters with regard to the representation of the people of Balochistan in gas companies and PPL.

“The committee will also review issues of gas shortage and drilling of gas reservoirs in the provinces. Balochistan and Sindh have nominated their representatives for the said committee while Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are yet to nominate their representatives”, he said.



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