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Disgruntled customer smashes iPhones at Apple store in France

DIJON, FRANCE : French prosecutors said Friday they would seek a fast-track trial against a young man — apparently an unsatisfied customer — who ran amok in an Apple store, smashing phones and tablets with a metal ball.

The scene, captured on camera and posted on the Internet, has gone viral in France.

In it, the man walks into the store in a shopping mall in Dijon, central-eastern France, and pounds the screens of Apple products with a heavy fist-sized metal ball used in petanque, a French bowling game.

“I warned them, I told them, ‘reimburse me,’ and they refused,” he told other shoppers. As he walked out of the store, a security guard intervened.

Prosecutor Marie-Christine Tarrare said he caused 55,000 euros ($56,000) in damages.

The store and Apple’s French subsidiary did not reply to requests for information about the incident, which occurred on Thursday.



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