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Dept of healthcare Punjab says disinfecting walk-through gates can’t kill COVID-19

LAHORE: Department of specialized healthcare Punjab declared disinfectant spraying walk-through gates impotent in killing coronavirus, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

The advisory panel said that walk-through gateways/tunnels of the sort have proven to make no effect on coronavirus pathogen after an individual passes through it and is sprayed.

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Department of specialized healthcare Punjab has issued a notification in this regard and has deemed such gates/tunnel redundant.

The notification entails that scientific research does not back up the claims of the gate/tunnel being effective in killing the pathogen.

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The government has stopped authorities from installing the gates/tunnels at various points in the province after the finding.

Earlier in the day, Punjab reported 204 new cases of the novel coronavirus, taking the provincial tally to 5,730, according to the Punjab Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department.

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A spokesperson for the department said 95 people have so far died from the virus while 1,380 people have recovered.

22 of the coronavirus patients are in critical condition, he said.



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