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No dispute among North Waziristan mujahideen, says Shura'a

PESHAWAR: The Shura'a Mujahideen North Waziristan has clarified that there is no internal dispute amongst the mujahideen, all the members of the Shura'a stand united and share a mutual stance on all issues – ARY News reports.

In a statement issued by the Shura'a Mujahideen North Waziristan, it was stated that the rumors of internal disputes amongst mujahideen are nothing but enemies' propaganda.

It was further mentioned that the enemies are striving to target Shura'a members and commanders affiliated with it.

The Shura'a Mujahideen North Waziristan stated that all these conspiracies of the enemies will be returned later, after mutual consultation.

Earlier, numerous reports surfaced on media regarding an ongoing infight between two factions of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), belonging to the North Waziristan agency.

The fight continued until yesterday, during which more than 30 militants were reported to be killed in an open and reckless exchange of fire.

The confronting groups were reported to be led by Shehryar Mehsud and Khan Syed alias Sajna.



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