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DJ Butt’s efforts go in vain as DJ Wali Sons to perform at PTI’s next rally

The news that DJ Wali Sons will be performing instead of PTI’s famed DJ Butt at the party’s next political gathering in Peshawar will be a setback to the latter. DJ Butt had earlier stated that the contract for PTI’s upcoming rally on May 9 in Peshawar had been given to him. However, PTI’s Fazal Muhammad Khan confirmed that the party has handed over the contract for providing musical entertainment at the May 9 rally in Peshawar to DJ Wali Sons.

Fazal Muhammad Khan stated that DJ Wali sons charged lesser rates than DJ Butt and they also provided quality entertainment hence they were picked for the upcoming rally. He also verified that a certain sum of money had been paid to DJ Wali Sons in advance, hence refuting all claims to the contrary made by DJ Butt earlier that he had been provided the contract to perform in Peshawar.

Sources revealed that the PTI leadership was miffed at DJ Butt’s false claims. DJ Wali Sons also performed at PTI’s previous rally in Lahore at the Chairing Cross where thousands had gathered to listen to PTI chief Imran Khan’s speech. Junoon member Salman Ahmed and Abrar-ul-Haq also performed at the Lahore rally.



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