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Doctor shot dead in clinic situated near Abbasi Shaheed Hospital

According to eye witnesses, two gunmen entered the clinic and shot the doctor dead, in Nazimabad. After the shooting incident, Abidi was shifted to the nearby Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

Police have yet not identified a motive for the killing but are looking into the possibility of the doctor becoming a victim of sectarian violence.

Recent cases of violence in the city

Earlier in the day, a police officer was shot in an armed robbery attempt near Clifton underpass. In January this year, two doctors were also killed in Karachi. Dr.Ali Akbar was shot dead in his clinic in Paposh Nagar whereas Dr.Yawar Hussain was also gunned down at his Nazimabad clinic. From 2012-2014, in a span of two year, almost 150 doctors were killed in the city and as many as 130 had been kidnapped.

The recent spate of violence continues in the city,where just last month a social rights activist and owner of T2F was shot dead. A few days later, prominent Karachi University’s assistant professor Syed Wahidur Rehman (also known as Yasir Rizvi) was shot dead. Law enforcement agencies have been rounding up criminals from different areas of Karachi, such as Lyari, Nazimabad, North Karachi in a bid to cleanse the city of nefarious elements.




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