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Lahore: Doctor subjected to torture for voicing ‘Go Nawaz Go’

According to details, the oath-taking ceremony of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) was underway here, when a doctor named Salman voiced ‘Go Nawaz Go’ holding the flag of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI). No sooner the man chanted the slogan, he was taken on task by the PMLN’s Gullu Butts over there.

PMLN’s supporters slapped Dr Salman, while one of them strangled his neck in order to subdue the offending words coming out.

Talking to media, the defiant doctor strongly criticized the ones who tried to suppress his voice, adding that he exercised his fundamental right, at which the Gullu Butts stormed him and subjected to severe torture.

Dr Salman told that he is the joint secretary of PMA and member of the PTI Punjab council.



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