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Doctors’ team completes physical test of Kasur victims

The samples will be sent for forensic test as enough time has passed since the occurring of incidents with these eight victims. The report of forensic test of these samples will be presented within two and a half month.

On the other hand, the counsel of victims had expressed reservations over incomplete joint investigation team (JIT), at which the authorities admitted inducting a cyber crime expert in the JIT.

The parents of affected children have also demanded suspension of some police officials accusing victimization by them.

The RPO Sheikhupura Shehzad Sultan said the affectees’ demands are justified, however police neither harassed affected masses nor will do so.

The affectees in case of not being served justice warned of a long march.

Meanwhile, another accused of molesting children named Rizwan alias Janaan was apprehended today.



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