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Does ‘Ludo Star’ have some hidden features?

The internet’s latest addiction ‘Ludo Star’ has virtually taken over smartphone users and its crazy obsession can be gauged from the fact that the game has been download over a million times across the globe.

It’s just another smartphone fad like prisma app, or dubsmash, or candy crush but hey, it’s no reason you can’t enjoy it while the trend lasts.

Ludo Star app

People have become so obsessed with the game that it reminds you of a Pokemon that kept users glued to their screens.

Going by a tradition with such games, if they get popular or viral, the next thing that comes up is hidden features or manipulation in the app to get you success.

‘Hacking’ trick ?

A YouTube user, apparently a Ludo Star wizard, has shared a Ludo Star trick which allows you to get a SIX every time you play the game.

Ludo Star


Ludo star hacking

The trick is pretty simple and all you need to do is to play with the clock that appears on the left bottom of the game screen.


When the clock is at 12:15 and you throw the dice you will probably get a SIX or a higher number.. He also created a Youtube video which you can find embedded below. But we are not sure whether this trick will work with everyone.

Watch the clip


Some hilarious reactions about the game




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