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Dog arrested in Canada for ‘chasing’ deer – picture goes viral

OTTAWA: A dog in Canada was ‘arrested’ by cops for chasing a deer and picking up fight with it.

Thompson, a 21-year-old college student, posted a photo of her dog, looking forlorn in the back seat of a police car, on Twitter, where it promptly went viral. The adorable photo has been viewed more than 165,000 times.

“He is such a sweet dog and loves humans and other animals,” his owner, Emme Thompson, told a local website.

“The attention has been insane,” said Thompson, who is from Ontario. “I never expected it to blow up like this.”

Dog arrested Canada

Her dad and his girlfriend had been out walking with the dog, Finn, when they let him off his leash, Thompson said. “Normally, he does this no problem and stays close by,” she said. Not so on Sunday, when he spied a dreaded deer and took off running.

Finn did not answer calls or whistles after he bounced away in the bushes. The couple looked and looked but couldn’t find him. They reluctantly made their way back to the trail head.

Not long after, the Ontario Police called. Finn, it appeared, had gotten himself into a bit of trouble and was now in custody.

When she saw her yellow-and-white pup in the cruiser’s back seat, Thompson said she thought it looked so funny she had to take a photo. “The police were very nice to him and brought him back safely,” Thompson said.




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