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Dog saves owner from certain death!

The man who coined the phrase ‘Man’s best friend’ was certainly spot on.

Thankfully for the old man, his 18 month old Labrador was around when he started choking on the food.

“People will say they are only animals and they don’t know what they were doing, but Lexi is so clever. She is very canny. She saved my life most definitely If it wasn’t for her I honestly don’t think I would be here.”

Mr.Spencer divulged into details as to how a pickled onion got lodged into his windpipe whilst he was having dinner. In a desperate bid to get help from a passerby, Alan made a dash for the door but could not make it outside and instead collapsed on the passageway.

“I felt myself going completely. I felt the life going out of me. I couldn’t get a breathe in. It was scary – it had been maybe I guess three or four minutes without a breathe. I fell to the floor and I was fighting and fighting for air and to get to the door. The small dog Nancy was jumping on my legs and Lexi was licking my face.”

“All of a sudden out of the blue I felt this almighty crash on my back and it was Lexi,” said Alan. The loyal dog jumped into the air and landed hard down onto the old man’s back and dislodged the food piece from his mouth.




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