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OUTRAGEOUS! CCTV shows thieves throwing pet dog into car trunk

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment the cold-hearted thieves dump a pet dog into a car trunk as they hold it from the legs.

Six-year-old female cocker spaniel Lassie was taken from her enclosure in a back garden in Allen Grove, Stokesley.

Seven months later, the beloved family pet is still missing — despite a nationwide appeal by dog lovers and a large investigation by North Yorkshire Police.

Owner Thomas Calvert said he was lost without his beloved pet.

“The last seven months have been full of heartbreak, especially as we had to see her on CCTV getting carried by her back legs and bundled into a waiting car.

“We need to find my best friend. I won’t stop till she is back where she belongs.”

Thomas, who has parented Lassie since she was eight weeks old, is urging anyone with information on the theft to come forward.

“Has anyone rehomed one just like her or know someone who has?

“Please call the police with any information.”

CCTV footage shows three suspects in what is believed to be a white Volkswagen, possibly a Tiguan, steal the dog.

Two men get out and come running back a short time later, with one of the men carrying Lassie by her back legs, who then throws her in the boot before they can drive off.

Thomas said Lassie was heard to be whelping in pain during the theft.

Thousands of people have shared an appeal on social media and a Facebook group has been launched in a bid to highlight the theft.

The dog has been chipped and logged as stolen.

She described her as chocolate brown colored with a patch of brown and white roan on her chest.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Being the victim of any theft is distressing, but when it’s a pet it is especially upsetting.

“Officers have conducted an investigation into this incident, which has included extensive inquiries and reviewing CCTV from multiple sources.



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