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Dogs deserve to be treated like family: Ali Rehman

Actor Ali Rehman Khan urged pet owners to treat dogs with respect and love in a moving Instagram post.

The Parchi actor was seen playing with Golden Retrievers on the street in pictures shared by him. He commented on the state of how animals are treated in Pakistan and said dogs shouldn’t be locked in cages outside homes or in gardens. He wished that people treated the loyal creatures as members of their family.

“Which makes me think about how dogs are kept in Pakistan. I really wish more people had dogs inside their houses as members of their families in Pakistan rather than keeping them outside in cages and in gardens. Breaks my heart to see all those dogs neglected,” he said.

He added “I feel sorry for people who don’t give themselves the opportunity to experience the love of a dog every second they’re around one. Dogs are a gift, literally the best friends you will ever have, ever! Embrace their love!”

Pakistani celebrities seem to love pets. Actor Osman Khalid Butt shared an adorable picture with his dog named Morty Luca Sanchez. He even has a separate Instagram account of the pet where he shares it’s pictures.



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