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‘Dollar girl’ Ayyan honoured at Karachi’s Roadside Cafe

We don’t know what it is, whether it is her sense of style, her heart-stopping looks or simply, her magical voice. Supermodel Ayyan, despite going to jail on allegations of money laundering (and subsequently getting bail) continues to dominate popular culture. Apparently, the fame and fortune does not stop for the ‘dollar girl’, as her picture was imprinted on the ceiling of a Roadside Cafe in Karachi.

Ayyan’s picture can be seen clearly beside a mural, which features various famous personalities. Ayyan’s seems to be the latest in the series. Her famous moniker ‘dollar girl’ has also been incorporated in the image, as we see Ayyan’s pretty image on top of a dollar note.

The supermodel was apprehended in March of this year from the Benazir International Airport, after more than $500,000 were recovered from her luggage. An intense trial followed, which ended with Ayyan getting bail. Her presence at court hearings attracted lots of attention, due to her fashionable dressing and glamorous personality.

Kudos to Ayyan. She does find a way to dominate pop culture, every now and then.



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