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Donald Trump says US pilots are better looking than Tom Cruise

President Donald Trump may have been impeacher earlier this week in a landmark decision but he is more concerned about the looks of U.S Airforce pilots.

He described F-35 pilots as more handsome than Hollywood actor Tom Cruise while addressing a crowd at a rally in Michigan, as reported by The Independent. 

“We have the F35s – it’s stealth – and I was at one of the areas where they’re displaying it and I went up to the pilots and, honestly, they’re better looking than Tom Cruise,” he said.

However, he did have some good things to say as well; the US President called Top Gun a ‘good movie’ and Tom Cruise a ‘good guy’.

Donald Trump went onto discuss the F-35s pilots again and compared them with the Hollywood actor. “The face is equal, maybe slightly better, the body’s bigger and stronger, they can definitely fight – they’re the real deal.”

“These guys are so good looking I said you could be a movie star go to Hollywood. (They said) ‘No sir I like what I’m doing’” he added.



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