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Don’t find foreign hand in my accident, says Farooq Sattar

“I am aware that founder of MQM, Nadeem Nusrat and other people have also prayed for me through Twitter. I had no direct contact with them,” he said while talking to media outside Liaquat National Hospital.

He said doctors had given him advice for complete rest for now. However, he would immediately restart political activities.

“Me and my four injured associates are fast recovering. I am thankful to Allah (SWT). He has given me a new life,” he said after he got discharged from hospital after three days.

Due to overspeeding, vehicle of Farooq Sattar had encountered an accident near Nooriabad area on Sunday, while on his way back to home from Hyderabad. He sustained shoulder and back injuries.

The MQM leader said all of his bones and body parts were intact by the grace of God.

He also thanked all the people who prayed and wished for his well-being, including the prime minister, military leadership, politicians, Rabita Committee members and Jamaat-e-Islami delegations.

Farooq Sattar said we should not find conspiracy theory or foreign hand in every incident. This was just an accident so treat it as such. Roads are not properly constructed which led the vehicle to skip and somersault.



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