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Don’t give Zakat, Fitra to terrorist producing organizations: Rashid

“Eradication of terrorism and sectarianism is responsibility of all the nation. Special care should be paid while giving Zakat and charity money,” he said while addressing a ceremony organized by a thalassemia organization.

He has also said credit goes to the present government for carrying out development work in all parts of the country. He said Pakistan in 2018 would be much different than that of 2013.     

On the other hand, Sindh police spokesman said Inspector General Sindh AD Khawaja has asked public to inform at helpline 15 in case forceful Fitra and Zakat or extortion chits were received in any area. 

Sindh police also asked the citizens to help police unmask crimes in the city. He also appealed the people to inform the police about extortion slip, suspicious activities and abandoned cars and bags to save the lives of citizens.

He said informers name will be kept confidential.



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