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The do's and don'ts of online dating!

Technology has entered and penetrated our daily lives with precision. From as simple a task as making a cup of coffee to traveling to another continent, technology plays a pivotal role in performing functions for you. In the same way, gone are the days when social gatherings and events were a must for people to get hitched to each other. With numerous dating sites on the horizon, people belonging from diverse age groups often turn to such digital mediums to find their potential love interest. Here are a few simple advices for you to implement before you venture out to the world of online dating:-

1. What does each gender prefer?
When entering a fancy profile name besides your birth one, each name depends upon your gender. For example, men are more drawn to female names that describe their physical qualities, such as ‘cutie’ or ‘adorable’. Whereas, females are more drawn to men who reflect calmness and stability in their profile names, such as ‘cultured’.


2. An obvious one, but your name matters!
This is an obvious point but yeah, your name matters a lot! For guys, don’t overdo it with arrogant titles such as ‘handsome’ or ‘intelligent’ it just might drive the girl to think your arrogant, egoistic. For the girls out there, be sure to not show off too much attitude and avoid names like ‘gorgeous’ or ‘hot’. You don’t want guys too nervous to approach you!


3. The power of the profile photo!
The importance of your profile photo cannot be understated! It needs to be decent, beautiful and everything positive! Whenever you decide on a picture as your profile photo, make sure it has all the ingredients to be one. Your hair must look groomed, your clothing must be decent and sport a smile! No one wants a dating partner who wears shabby clothes, is so irresponsible that he/she doesn’t even care to groom their hairstyle or yawn on a regular basis! Your profile picture presents your personality, select your cautiously!


4. Over-editing hazards!
Yes, beautiful people are more likely to be accepted and loved than the average one’s. But please, avoid over-editing your pictures! For one, Photoshop is so common these days, even an eleven-year old can point out the editing changes. Secondly, how do you expect the opposite sex to appreciate you in person, when you don’t have those dreamy blue eyes or flour-like complexion you portrayed in your display picture? Keep it real!


5. Tips for the pics you upload!
The pictures that you upload should also project who you are as a person. For instance, whilst viewing your pictures, women always feel at ease communicating with a guy who has female friends as well. Upload pictures with your girl friends on your social networking site so that the opposite sex knows your cool and are aware regarding the norms of healthy interaction! An album full of solo pictures in your bedroom will portray you as a lonely person!


6. Conversation starters!
If you’re about to message a female, messaging her a cheesy, lame pick-up line won’t do! She will never bother replying to you and your days of loneliness will be prolonged! For the girls out there, don’t sound too eager to talk to a guy. Desperation in a girl is a definite turn-off for a guy.
Instead, focus on sending a well mannered and personalized message to the other person. A message that sounds original and offers a sincere compliment. Start off as a friend and take things to the next level from there. Remember, first impression is the last impression!


7. Be who you are, no one likes an imitator!
Don’t overdo your profile and associate it with fictional things. Your profile should be reflective of who you are, even if you haven’t traveled across one city. Originality is what the other sex looks for in you and that is what should be projected. Lies and deception can easily be traced and when exposed, you will be discarded in a jiffy. Think of yourself as a brand. Does the loyal customer buy the original brand or the copied version?


So here are these tips to get you started with online dating. Adopt the above methods and you will have a higher chance of being with someone special in no time! So what are you waiting for, start browsing!



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