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Dossiers given to US on RAW involvement in Pakistan based on “hard & irrefutable evidence”: FO

In a statement, the Ministry said that a news item in this regard was “highly misleading”.

The report in question was published in a daily newspaper on November 20. It had claimed that the Senate’s Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs was told on November 19 that the dossiers included the “pattern and narrative of Indian involvement” but that no “material evidence” was included.


The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that this information was “incorrect”. It went on to add that “as informed by the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, and the Foreign Secretary to the Senate Standing Committee, the Dossiers have been prepared with utmost diligence and care, and are based on hard and irrefutable evidence of RAW’s involvement in Pakistan”.

The newspaper report had quoted sources as saying that the dossiers were “meticulously prepared, but material evidence cannot be shared for the sake of protecting the sources”.

This is the first time that Pakistan has officially handed such information to the American government of India’s involvement in its internal affairs, specifically that of its intelligence agency RAW.

The headquarters of RAW in Delhi

This is a break from the past practice of at-times publicly accusing RAW of involvement but not officially following that up, which has been done now.

It is expected that the material contained in the dossiers was discussed by Army Chief General Raheel Sharif during his visit to America which began on November 15.




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