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Double dilemma for Imran Urooj

Centered around the brother-sister duo’s love and affection to each other, the drama has Imran playing brother cum-father to younger sister  Paressa (played by Moomal Khalid) and has to look for a proper suitor for her sister.

Paressa is studying medicine at a top college and has dreams of a prince charming in her eyes.

Rich and settled, Aliyan does not want his sister to stay away from his caring eyes so he ends up finding a middle class youth Irfan (played by Afraz Rasool) . Irfan convinces Aliyan by posing as an all good self reliant guy who is reluctantly accepts Aliyan’s offer to stay with the family after marriage, leave his job and help Aliyan in his lucrative business.

On the other hand, Aliyan’s wife (played by Maha Warsi) is receiving pencil sketches in mail and messages, calls on her phone from an unknown guy. Her wife is severely tortured by the act and looks out for his help.

Almost accidentally, Aliyan comes to know that the guy who irritates his wife and dreams about marrying her is Irfan, the same guy he chose for his sister.

Taken aback by the reality, Aliyan to worry about a lot of things, first to hide the truth from his younger sister, find a suitable match for her before severing ties with Irfan and to urge his wife to flirt with Irfan as he plans to bring  the devil’s real before the society.

To watch how Imran takes up the challenge, watch ‘Guriya Rani’ as it is aired Monday to Thursday at 10:30 pm only on ARY Digital. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.




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