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Dozens arrested under countrywide anti-terror crackdown

KARACHI: Anti-terror crackdown, under Operation Raddul Fasaad, has been underway as dozens of suspects have been arrested in countrywide raids.

The law enforcement agencies arrested six Afghan nationals in Karachi’s Ittehad Town and 13 from New Karachi.

Moreover, the law enforcement agencies in a search operation at Afghan Basti at Hyderabad’s Halla Naaka arrested 32 Afghan citizens illegally staying in Pakistan.

Police arrested eight Afghan nationals in Sadiqabad city of southern Punjab and registered an FIR for illegally staying in Pakistan.

Moreover, Shafeeq Muaaviya, a member of a banned militant group, was arrested and transferred to an undisclosed place for interrogation.

Paramilitary Rangers arrested two mobile shop dealers in Ahmedpur Lamma and captured an illegal biometric machine and other equipment.

The law enforcement agencies in a search operation in Mianwali detained 52 suspected persons.

The law enforcement agencies keeping vigil at the entry points from KPK to Punjab and police has enhanced boat patrolling in Indus River.

Around 52 suspects were arrested in a search operation in Kalabagh town.

Police arrested 15 suspects in a search operation in Paharipura area of Peshawar and captured illegal arms from their possession.

An extortionist, Jalil, has been arrested in Peshawar who had demanded Rs. 10 million extortion money from a local businessman. The accused was also involved in a bomb attack on the house of the said trader, counter-terrorism department officials said.



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