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Dr Asim shows fear ‘investigation officer will be killed’

In an informal talk to media outside an Anti Terrorism Court of Karachi, Asim Hussain said he was being used as a punching bag. He was being revenged for somebody else’s misdeeds.

“The way I am being treated I am afraid that I get stuck in another case,” he said adding that National Accountability Bureau was a threat in itself.

The senior Pakistan People’s Party leader is facing charges of abetting terrorists and embezzlement of Rs462 billion public funds.

According to the prosecution, Dr Asim had misused his authority as a federal minister, in collusion of other accused, illegally curtailed gas to the agriculture sector to benefit a particular group associated with the fertilizer industry.

The accountability court today cross questioned another witness, Mukhtar Hussain, who submitted audit report from 2005 to 2015.

The witness recorded his statement and then he was cross examined by the prosecutor. Mukhtar Hussain said he was an assistant in admin department of an audit company.

To a query, he said signatures on the documents he presented were of his boss. The lawyer asked him who was accompanying him when he went to NAB office? The witness replied that he went alone.

Earlier on April 30, Rangers lawyer had claimed important bills linked with Dr. Asim Hussain’s providing treatment to terrorists at his private hospital were misplaced.

The lawyer had said this while confronting investigation officer in court. The lawyer exchanged allegations with the investigation officer in the courtroom. The court had to intervene to stop the altercation.

In February, the accountability court hearing a corruption case against Dr Asim had sent him to prison while seeking the investigation report. Apart from terrorists’ facilitation charges, Dr Asim is facing an inquiry into alleged misuse of authority in embezzlement of public money.



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