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Dr. Qadri asks people to launch ‘Go Nawaz Go’ campaign

Addressing to the participants of Inqilab March in Islamabad, Dr. Qadri said people of Pakistan are deprived of their basic rights and living a life worse than animals.

PAT Chief said there is complete discrimination between the poor and rich adding that poor are unprotected having no rights.

“We want such a system where everyone can have equal rights”, said Dr. Qadri.

He said protest demonstration should remain continue till the complete elimination of oppression from the country.

“Our protest is not only for the Model town incident but for whole country”, he added.

During his address, Tahir-ul-Qadri alleged that a bridge on river Chinab was built to save two sugar mills of the Sharif family. He said rulers destroyed thousands of settlements just to save their sugar mills.

Tahir-ul-Qadri gave permission to his workers to go on a hunger strike, if they wished. He advised people of Pakistan to launch a campaign against Nawaz Sharif’s regime by writing ‘Go Nawaz Go’ on every currency note.

Dr. Qadri also alleged Nawaz Sharif for giving Rs. 2.75 billion to Intelligence Bureau Pakistan (IB) for the restriction of Inqilab March.

“Why Nawaz Sharif handed Rs. 2.75 billion to IB two days before the start of Inqilab March”, he questioned.

Dr. Tahir-ul Qadri said Sharif Brothers are not even eligible to sit on opposition benches.



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