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Dr Qadri asks protesters to kick out the rulers

Addressing the participants of the PAT protest sit-in, Dr Tahirul Qadri said according to the Constitution of Pakistan this government should be removed and the assemblies should be dissolved.

He said that the rulers used to say that this impulsive state will end in a few days, adding “I will tell you after the Maghrib prayers in how much time will it end”.

The PAT chief asked the police personnel that these are the final moments and urged them to join the Inqilab March and not to worry about their ‘uniform’, they will get it again.

He also asked the cops to act as the frontline soldiers of the revolution and to crush the heads of the rulers with their batons.

Dr Qadri said when we reached here with our march, that was another scene, but today it is quite different and now a decisive stage is quite close.

He also called some victims of injustice on the stage and informed the participants about their sufferings.

The PAT chief said people kept alleging that here only my followers are sitting and inquired them, “Don’t you see these oppressed people. They are not my followers; they came here hoping for the justice”.

He said, “People speak ill about me, but nobody has the courage to negate what I have been saying for the past one and a half year”.

Dr Tahirul Qadri urged the people to come out of their homes and join this revolutionary march, and to snatch their rights from the tyrants.

He inquired where were those who talk about the constitution, when an innocent girl was being raped, when the poor did not have food to eat.

“The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees human rights, if the people were being delivered their rights, they would not have been protesting here under the scorching sun, while at times facing heavy rains”, said Qadri.



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