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Dr. Qadri promises ‘early return’ before leaving Pakistan

“I will reorganize my party structure in the United States before coming back to Pakistan. I will spend most of the time in the US and also visit Canada.” he said while talking to media.

He said PAT had entered the mainstream politics to play active opposition’s role in the country.

Dr. Qadri said he would return to Pakistan by November 16.

The PAT chief said he would keep fighting the tyrannical and corrupt system of governance in Pakistan. He termed the rallies and public gatherings against the government as historic.

“I categorically reject any deal taking place between me and the government. I challenge any one to prove this claim,” he said.

Dr. Qadri winded up his 70-day long sit-in last week in Islamabad and announced to convert it into a countrywide movement against the government in shape of rallies and public gatherings to mobilize the masses.



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