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Dr Tahir ul Qadri to face treason charges, says Mashood

Addressing a press conference here, Rana Mashood said, ‘we demonstrated exemplary patience, but the nation-witnessed what was done by Dr Tahir ul Qadri’s baton wielding force’.

He told that a Station House Officer (SHO) and 7 policemen were injured by the PAT workers, while provoked activists also set ablaze Quaidabad police station in district Khushab.

The minister alleged, ‘PAT planned to spread terror in the province for which its workers prepared spiky batons and gathered weapons at different places, who were arrested’.

He said according to initial investigations these people were called from far-flung places of Punjab and were paid to spread panic in Lahore.

Mashood said that PAT broke law and order in seven different cities and told that the foreign investors like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and China are questioning about their financial security in Pakistan.

He said that police has identified the paid mobsters and a crackdown will begin tonight.

The Law Minister Punjab slammed the PAT chief, saying, ‘a person who does not submit to the laws and the institutions of Pakistan, has no place in the country’.

He claimed that Dr Qadri’s fate is now to face the cases against him for provoking the people to torture police personnel, fabricating conspiracies against Pakistan and the government, and for causing law and order problems in seven different cities.

Rana Mashood termed Dr Tahir ul Qadri to be a coward man and said that he is using women as a shield to protect himself.

‘PAT chief will now face treason charges’ added the minister.

Moreover, he said, ‘if we are wrong, then Dr Tahir ul Qadri should go to courts to seek his release’.



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