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‘Irshad Ranjhani was shot again while being shifted to hospital’

KARACHI: The ambulance driver on Tuesday claimed that the key suspect in Irshad Ranjhani murder case, Abdul Rahim Shah, had shot at the victim while he was on the way to hospital in injured condition, ARY News reported.

The cold-blooded murder of Irshad Ranjhani had taken place in Karachi on February 8 this year. Abdul Rahim Shah, the union council (UC) chairman of Bhains Colony, is the prime suspect in the incident.

The driver said he had brought the victim in injured condition from the site of the incident to police station and then after 15 to 20 minutes he along police inspector Ali Gohar left for hospital.

“While on the way to hospital, Abdul Rahim Shah arrived on a bike and made the ambulance pull over. Shah talked to inspector Ali Gohar and then suddenly I heard opening of the back door of the ambulance and with a bang the injured was shot dead,” he said.

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The police inspector hushed me and directed to move to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center and when we arrived at the hospital the victim had died, he said.

The witness said he did not tell this before for he was fearful for his life.

The prosecutor said police investigation officer had tried to protect his colleague. He said police did not conduct investigation into the case in a right way.



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