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Drone attacks reduced after Pakistan request, claims US newspaper

KARACHI: A newspaper of the United States of America on Wednesday has claimed that the United States government has reduced the number of drone attacks in the country after a request by the federal government of Pakistan, ARY News reports from Karachi.

The newspaper has stated that the US Government has lessened the drone strikes in Pakistan and not a single attack was carried since December 2013. It is also written in the news paper that the US has decided to reduce the number of drone attacks as it respects the Pakistan Prime Minister's efforts of bringing peace in the country.

However, the Obama Administration has termed the Taliban peace process as Pakistan's internal matter and said that the drone attacks will be carried out if any information is received of key Al-Qaeda members.

Mike Rogers, Chairman of US Intelligence Committee, has strongly criticized the step of reducing the drone attacks and said that it has paralyzed the American defence experts and the attackers of US have been freed.





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