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Drone strikes are counter-productive: Nawaz Sharif

LONDON: Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan, has said that the drone strikes in Pakistan are counter-productive and violate the sovereignity of the state, ARY News reports.

While speaking to Pakistani media after arriving here in London from the Dutch city The Hague, Nawaz Sharif said that Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) did not carry out a single drone attack in the last 90 days which is a good sign for the dialogue process with Taliban militants. There have been no strikes in the last 90 days or so and there should be no strikes again.

Prime Minister, while talking about the ongoing targeted operations in the city of Karachi, stated that the crackdowns against the criminal elements in the metropolis are heading in the right direction. He added that the situation has yielded results and the overall law and order situation of Karachi getting better with time.

Speaking on the peace process with Taliban militants, Nawaz Sharif stated that direct negotiations are being held with the outlawed militant organization in order to curb extremism from the country. The Premier further added that the talks were supposed to be held on Tuesday but got delayed due to bad weather.

"The federal government agreed to hold talks after Taliban had announced a cease fire", Sharif said.  

Further talking to the press in London, Nawaz Sharif claimed that Pakistan is on the route to strengthen democracy in the region due to which the bilateral relations have strengthened with many Western countries. He added that the country has given enormous sacrifices for democracy and the rule of law. "Those sacrifices will never be forgotten", he added.

Speaking on the energy crises in the country, Nawaz Sharif claimed that the country will be generating 21,000MW electricity in the next seven to eight years compared today’s production of about 17,000MW in a day.

He said that the government of Pakistan has envisioned the country as a developed state due to which the stock market of the country has gone up and the manufacturing scale has increased. He added that these are the indicators of a progressing country.

While talking on the Dr. Imran Farooq murder case, Nawaz said that he did not have much information about the details sent by Crown Prosecution Service to Pakistan whereas only Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Interior Minister of Pakistan, can provide the details of the case.



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