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Drought extends to Khairpur desert area

KHAIRPUR: The drought and disease has extended to the desert areas of Khairpur district adjacent to Tharparker, ARY News reported on Wednesday. 

According to reports, hundreds of cattle have died in the region due to scarcity of water and fodder. 

It is recalled that cattle breeding is the mainstay of sustenance in the desert area. 

Scarce rainfall in the area has caused drought conditions in the arid region, Deputy Commissioner Munawar Ali Mithani said. 

The area has been adjacent to Tharparker, which can be the cause of spread of viral diseases in livestock in Khairpur's desert area.

A vaccination drive has been launched in the area for livestock, the district officer said. Precautionary measures have also been taken for the public health in the affected areas, he said.

No losses of human life reported in the area and the situation has been under control, he added.



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