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Drugs Addiction: A curse on healthy life

The rate of drug addiction in Pakistan is increasing day by day, according to a UN report 6.7 million people in Pakistan including women are habitual of using highly addictive drugs like Heroin. Nobody is born addicted there are definitely some causes and reasons behind addiction and . We must find out them in order to get rid of this curse growing fast in our society.

Asmat Ullah 25, is a drug addict from Quetta who is admitted in a rehabilitation center of a welfare. There are 40 more patients with him under treatment in that center. These young boys shared their experiences, their reasons which made them habitual with drugs. According to these boys, some of them had strict parents, some were too much loved and some used to witness domestic fights these issues kept them away from house and the bad company in society forced them to use drugs. Family atmosphere is one of the most important reason that makes people addicted.

According to an administrator of a well know rehabilitation center which have successfully brought 5000 drugs addicts to a healthy routine said that youngsters are more tilted towards drugs addiction. He called the root cause of this habit is irresponsible behavior of parents and guardians.

According to the head of psychology department of Bolan medical complex, Human being is tend to use drugs and other ill habits, when he faces some physical or mental deficiency in growing age. Psychologists say that parents should keep a friendly relationship with their children knowing their psyche. The only way for parents to protect their child from the evils of society is making them aware of all ill deeds.

Addiction is a curse that kills the dignity of a man that is the reason that drugs addict usually cut their live from the society and goes in despair. Parents need to take some serious measure if they do not want to see their kids suffering like that. This is a kind of an illness that does not go easily so, it’s better to avoid pressure for healthy life.

By Manzoor Ahmed



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