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Dubai halts 90-day travel visa for Pakistanis, Filipinos

DUBAI: Dubai’s immigration authorities have ended provision of 90-day tourist visas to Pakistanis and Filipinos from June 1.

A memo has been issued by Dubai Immigration to all travel agencies, instructing them to decline applications  seeking a 90-day tourist visa by nationals of two countries.

However, all applications filed before June 1, 2017 would still be valid besides all those who were already issued 90-day visa, the memo added.

According to travel agents in Dubai, it is not certain whether it is a temporary ban or permanent. The tourists from both countries, however, can apply for 14 and 30-day visas for the emirate.

Moreover, the memo did not share details pertaining to the motive behind the travel restriction.

The travel agents are now considering applications through other emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which would incur extra costs and entail restrictions, sources said.

It is worth mentioning here that this is not the first time the Emirati government has banned such visas. In the past, similar restrictions on travel were placed, which later lifted.



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