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Earning of Dollars doubled due to Cotton production

Lahore: National economy is losing billions of dollars every year due to stagnant production of cotton despite having enormous potential for increasing it.

Dr Zafar Hayat, senior member, Farmers Associates of Pakistan (FAP) shared his views about the revenue generation in regards to cotton production.

He said that there is vast scope for increasing per acre yield of cotton in the country.

"Experiences of progressive farming have proved that the cotton production in Pakistan can easily be doubled if the impediments in its way are removed", he said.

He said that due to unregulated seed industry, farmers are unable to find certified cotton seed on sustainable basis.

Poor quality seeds, lack of knowledge of modern techniques, improper and inadequate use of pesticides are among the reasons of low per acre yield of cotton, he added.

He stressed the need to streamline issues relating to regulation of seed sector in the country and employing Modern Technologies in the Agriculture sector.

Modern technologies like introduction of genetically modified seeds could not be introduced due to lack of legal cover, he said.

"Inadequate legal cover has been a major challenge in launching of Bt cotton certification for the private seed sector and introduction of Genetically Modified (GM) seeds", he added.

Syed Muhammad Nasir Ali, Director General, Federal Seed Certification & Registration Department when contacted said that efforts are afoot to get the proposed Seed Amendment Act 2010 pass.

The bill could not be tabled before the parliament prior to its dissolution in 2013.

The passage of Seed Act is immensely vital for ensuring provision of quality seed to farmers, he added.



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