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Some easy exercises to get rid of obesity

  • Running or walking: The best thing one can do to reduce stomach fat is running and walking. These are the best exercises for burning calories. This exercise is the cheapest among all as you only need a pair of good shoes. Running and walking does not only decrease belly fat but also reduce excessive fat from other parts of the body too. The only note worthy thing is not to forget to cool down and warm up before you go for running for weight loss.

  • Bicycling: Although Bicycling is a great way to travel around but bicycling is also another easy way of low impact cardio exercise. A person can burn 250 to 500 calories in 30 minutes ride of a bicycle and it is ranked on top in the list of best exercise as strengthen muscles and get the abdominal shaped.  In running you lose the weight but bicycling gives your body a shape, body rotation and abdominal stabilization.

  • The Captain’s chair exercise: Another good exercise can be done with captain’s chair. Captain’s chair is an usual equipment in gyms. It has padded back and armrest grips. You can do a couple of exercises on it that surely helps reduce fat. Like you can stand on the captain’s chair stand and grab the hand bars, you need to keep your back flat against the pad while raising knees to your chest and then lower legs back down. Do these three ways in repetition for better result.

  • Ball crunch exercise: For this exercise you need an exercising ball, you can do many exercises with the ball. Lie on the ball in a way that you lower back is supported by the ball and your feet are on ground, put your hands behind your head or on chest.  Now you need to do the crunch, you have to lift your upper body up and forward while keeping the ball stable during the crunch.

  • Reverse crunch: Reverse crunch is another important exercise to lose weight and to get a shape.  For this exercise you need to lie straight on the floor, cross your feet and lift them with an angle of 90 degree. Then lift head and shoulder off the ground. Repetition of this exercise can give you a perfect abs.



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