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Eating out in MQM stronghold becomes tough for PTI leaders

PTI leader Imran Ismail, who is contesting by-polls from the MQM stronghold on PTI ticket, along with other party leaders arrived at famous Javed Nihari in Federal B. Area of Karachi to have a dinner, however scores of MQM workers also followed them and converged outside the hotel and chanted slogans.

Political temperature rises at Javed Nehari

A large number of MQM workers chanted ‘Go Imran Go’ and ‘Go Ismail Go’ when the PTI leaders were present inside the restaurant.

Heavy contingent of police also reached the spot to prevent any untoward incident and suspected brawl among political activists. PTI workers also raised slogans in favour of their leaders. Sensing the growing tense situation, Imran Ismail and other PTI leaders left the area.

In the meanwhile, some MQM workers also reportedly hurled eggs at vehicle of Imran Ismail.




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