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Economic survey 2013-14: Growth rate recorded at 4.1%

ISLAMABAD: The government is set to release economic survey report 2013-14, whose copy has been received to ARY News.

According to the survey, the GDP growth remained at 4.1% in the ongoing fiscal year against the target of 4.4%. Inflation rate was pitched at 8 %, but in view of depreciation of Pakistani rupee, the inflation rate touched 9%.

The development in agriculture sector also remained below the estimated target. It was recorded at mere 2.12 %.

Cotton production rate declined to 1.33 % instead of its expansion. The development in livestock sector remained at 2.88%. Growth of industrial sector was recorded at 5.84% in the ongoing fiscal year.

Production sector progressed as 5.55% growth was recorded in this vital sector. Similarly big industries recorded growth of 5.31%. Construction sector witnessed growth of 11.31%, followed by whole sale and retail sector 5.18% increase, information and transportation 2.98 % in the ongoing fiscal year.





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