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Govt. spends 0.42pc of its GDP on health care services as compare to 0.69pc previous year

Following are the highlights of health and nutrition sector of Economic Survey 2014-15,

Health Facilities

The health system in Pakistan is comprised of a mix of publicly financed health delivery with privately financed market delivery. Pakistan’s public health care system comprises health work force, physical infrastructure, equipments, supplies and a host of health activities.

In the whole country, there are 1,142 hospitals, 5,499 dispensaries, 5,438 basic health units and 671 maternity and child health centre as compared to 1,113 hospital, 5,413 dispensaries, 5,571 basic health units and 687 maternity and child health centre’s in the same period of last year.

The number of doctors has increased to 17,5223, dentists 15,106, nurses 90,276 and hospital beds 118,041 in the country during 2014-15 compared to 167,759 doctors, 13,716 dentists, 86,183 nurses and 118,378 hospital beds last year. The population and health facilities ratio worked out 1,073 persons per doctors, 12,447 persons per dentist and 1,593 persons per hospital bed. It was 1,099 persons per doctor, 13,441 per dentist and availability of one bed for 1,557 persons in 2013-14.

During nine months of 2014-15, 3,500 doctors, 350 dentists, 3,300 nurses and 4,500 paramedics have completed their academic courses and 3,900 new beds have been added in the hospitals compared to 5,000 doctors, 500 dentists, 3,150 nurses, 4,500 paramedics and 3,600 beds in last year.

Moreover, some 6 million children have been immunized and 20 million packets of ORS have been distributed.

Health Programmes

To improve health status of the people and to reduce burden of disease a series of programs and projects are on track. Although vertical programmes in health sector have been devolved to the provinces.

A number of health program are implemented, which include Malaria, TB, AIDs and Food and Nutrition programs.

Health Expenditure

The share of health expenditure in total public sector expenditure is the most significant variable effecting health status in a country.

Currently, Pakistan is spending 0.42 percent of its GDP on health care services.

An amount of Rs.20.48 billion was provided to Health sector in Federal PSDP 2014-15 and utilization of approx. Rs.22.4 billion (This includes Rs: 10.8 billion as foreign Aid for Program for elimination of Polio) by the end of March 2015.



For the current year a total outlay for health sector is budgeted at Rs.114.2 billion which included Rs.31.9 billion for development and Rs.82.3 billion for current expenditure which is equivalent to 0.42 percent of GDP during 2014-15.



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