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ECP admitted to what PTI was reiterating for months: Imran Khan

Addressing his workers and supporters at PTI sit-in camp, Imran Khan felicitated the participants saying, “It is the outcome of your 41 days of struggle that the ECP itself admitted to our allegations pertaining to rigging of elections”.

He also thanked the overseas Pakistanis who provided means to help the flood-victims in their testing time.

The PTI chairman said that equity of treatment and justice are most important values for the progress of a society and the existence of a responsible state, like the state of Madina, is a pre-requisite for these values to prevail among the masses.

While slamming the ECP’s report, Khan said the ECP got the ballot papers printed from the Urdu Bazar, which were handed over to PMLN workers who stamped these papers and rigged the elections.

He said that manipulating the electoral results is a violation of the article-6 and PTI will make efforts for the ones involved in it, to be punished as per law.

Imran Khan further said that NADRA chairman, Tariq Malik was removed and another person was placed in his chair, whose appointment was declared illegal by the high court.

“All this was done in order to keep the irregularities in elections in hiding”, said the PTI chief.



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