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ECP excuses to hold Senate polls on Fata seats

The ECP said that polls for Senate seats from Fata cannot be held under the recent presidential ordinance due to many loopholes in the law.

The commission further said that the ordinance declared Fata as a constituency and that a vote of one province cannot be transferred to the other.

The ECP asked the government to withdraw the ordinance or to address ambiguities in it, so that Senate elections for the tribal region could be held.

A presidential ordinance enacted on Wednesday night had given each tribal senator one vote, instead of the previously allowed “as many votes as the number of vacant seats”.

The ECP had earlier sought the opinion of the law ministry about the new ordinance, which was signed by the President into law, a day before the Senate elections.

However, the presidential ordinance was challenged in the court, leading to the postponement of Senate elections for the tribal region.



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