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‘ECP not authorized to accept resignations’

According to details, Speaker Ayaz Sadiq’s move to delay the resignations of PTI members failed in first place as the ECP officials made it clear that the commission is not authorized to accept the resignations of the parliamentarians.

They said that the matter of resignations solely belongs to the Speaker National Assembly and the PTI, while the Speaker Ayaz Sadiq should approve the resignations himself and inform the ECP about this.

ECP officials further said that if the Speaker approves resignations, he should not approve them according to past dates, as it will hinder the process of scheduling the by-elections.

According to rules, the ECP has to conduct by-election within 60 days after the approval of a resignation.

Moreover, the ECP officials told that a letter has already been forwarded to the Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, in this regard.



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