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Trigger Warning: Edhi shares annual Karachi report on ill-fated incidents, casualties

KARACHI: Sharing the tally of all untoward incidents to have transpired in the port city all across the outgoing year, the non-state rescue organization Edhi said Tuesday that 3,318 deaths are attributed to the global pandemic alone, ARY News reported.

In its yearly report for 2020, Edhi foundation said its rescue services transported at least 325,380 people, who conceded a medical emergency, to hospitals.

In all the accidents and road emergencies to have befallen Karachi, 679 lives were claimed according to the annual report, adding that those to have suffered injuries top 9,111 people.

Separately, the mortalities ascribed to bullets and fire arms stand at 315 while those conceding surviving the bullet injuries are reported to be 786 people.

On the other hand, explosions in various parts of the city took 42 lives while leaving 129 injured.

It may be noted that 145 lives were devoured by suicides in the preceding 12 months, Edhi reports as the year comes to culmination.

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Furthermore the report shared numbers of mutilated bodies found across the year in Karachi as 186, while 804 bodies of newborn children were recovered by the rescue personnel.

In natural calamities including disastrous rain spells in erstwhile monsoons, 303 died by drowning according to the annual rescue report, while 212 wounded in various relevant incidents.




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