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Efforts being made to split MQM: Rabita Committee

The Rabita Committee, in a statement, said, “Those elements in the establishment, who had been striving to eliminate MQM, sideline its chief and shatter unity of Mohajir folks for past three decades, are now blackmailing MQM lawmakers through different techniques in order to make them shift their loyalties”.

“To make them shift loyalties, they (MQM lawmakers) are either being threatened to be framed in fake cases or lured through different offers,” read the statement.

“In the same way, efforts are being made to influence workers under custody or serving prison terms.”

The Rabita Committee further stated that where the rumors of ailment of party chief are being spread, there ‘table-stories’ against MQM leaders and lawmakers are also being presented to media.

It said that though pressure tactics can help achieve loyalties of a few materialistic elements, but the MQM can’t be disbanded this way.

“The MQM exists in the hearts of its staunch workers and millions of people, the affiliation of whom cannot be influenced,” asserted the committee.

“People were united under the leadership of MQM chief yesterday and they are united today as well, for they well understand it as to which elements of the establishment are backing this game to shatter Mohajir-unity and splitting of the MQM.”

The Rabita Committee said it believes that party activists and the people will foil all these conspiracies through their union.



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