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Efforts to continue for peace talks: Prof. Ibrahim

ISLAMABAD: The member of Taliban committee for peace talks, Prof. Ibrahim, has said that all-out efforts will be made to continue dialogue process, ARY News reported.                                                                                

Speaking in the ARY News program ‘Off The Record’, Prof. Ibrahim said his committee would ask the Taliban about murder of FC men in Mohmand, had there been a meeting. He said he would communicate to the Taliban to refrain from any offensive from their side. We will also convey the message of government committee to the Taliban, he added.

On the other side, government committee member Rustam Shah Mohmand said prime minister was facing impediments to continue peace talks. He said government committee would come under fire had it met the Taliban committee after FC men’s slaying. He stressed it would be encouraging for dialogue if Taliban issue a condemnation on slaughtering g of FC men.

He said situation will further deteriorate if military offensive was launched in North Waziristan. Shah added that Taliban must now announce ceasefire to prevent any such action by the government.                                                                                                                                                                                                    



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