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VIDEO: Egyptian army tank ‘saves 50 lives’ by running over car filled with explosives

CAIRO: An Egyptian army tank crew is said to have saved up to 50 people from a car filled with explosives.

In the video released by the Egyptian Ministry of Defence, the tank spotted the car racing towards a military checkpoint in North Sinai.

It then proceeded to run the car over, which contained four gunmen and 100kg of explosives, while civilians could be seen fleeing for cover.


Inside the car there were four gunmen and 200lbs of explosives, a spokesman for the Egyptian army said.

The tank managed to drive away and the victims were civilians standing close to the scene.

A spokesman claimed that up to 50 lives had been saved. They added: ‘The armed forces reiterates that such terrorist acts only strengthen our determination to continue to eradicate this terrorism in our beloved Sinai from the roots.

Car bomb

‘The armed forces will continue to sacrifice all that is precious, our sons’ lives, in order to preserve and protect this nation and its great people.’

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Four gunmen were inside the vehicle, the army said.

An insurgency in Egypt’s Sinai region has increased since the army toppled President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s oldest Islamist movement, four years ago.

Here’s the footage:



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