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Eid ul Azha being celebrated in Saudi Arabia, Gulf, Europe today

The eid begins with congregations of eid prayers and offering sacrifice of animals to commemorate the Sunna of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S).

The eid in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states began with large congregations of Eid prayers. In several European countries, United States and Canada, Muslim community centres have arranged Eid prayers for the community members.

The hajj reached its high point Sunday when Muslims from across the world converged on Mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia.

From a distance, the Arafat hill appeared a snowy white because of the seamless two-piece white garment, ihram, worn by male pilgrims. Women also usually wear white.

They come from every corner of the globe for the hajj, but Indonesia — the most populous Muslim nation — has the largest contingent.

At Muzdalifah, half way between Arafat and Mina, pilgrims gather pebbles for Monday’s symbolic stoning of the devil, the last major rite of hajj.



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