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Eight detained over Turkey mine accident: minister

Three of the detained are the owners of the mine while the other five are technical staff, Taner Yildiz told reporters in the mining town of Ermenek in southern Turkey.

The miners were trapped over 300 metres (1,000 feet) below ground on October 28 in a shaft in Ermenek following a sudden flood.

The bodies of two trapped miners were retrieved on Friday. Rescue operations are ongoing, but hopes are next to zero of finding anyone alive with the miners remaining under water.

A preliminary report from experts said the flood was the result of water that had collected over the course of years in a nearby unused mine shaft.

Yildiz added that the flooded mine had approached too closely to this unused shaft.

“This is a very clear mistake by the operators of the mine… They ignored workers’ warnings and claimed that the old mine was still meters away,” he said.

The accident was the latest disaster to hit the Turkish mining industry after 301 workers were killed in May in an explosion at a mine in Soma in the west of the country.

Turkey has the highest rate of workplace fatalities in Europe, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO). -AFP



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